1. Boolean Search

Get boolean search strings for Google, LinkedIn, Github, and more based on the signal you want to find.

26th March 2024

2. Day Difference Calculator

Calculate the difference between two dates in days.

27th March 2024

3. NFT v/s NFT

Compare two NFTs side by side.

28th March 2024

4. Voice to Text

Convert your voice to text.

29th March 2024

5. Food Breakdown

Get the breakdown of food in terms of protein, carbs, and fats.

30th March 2024

6. Draw

Simple tool for drawing and copying that image to clipboard

31st March 2024

7. QR Code Generator

Generate QR code for any text.

1st April 2024

8. Prompt Enhancer

Enhance your image prompt with more details.

2nd April 2024

9. What Are People Asking

What are people asking on the internet for your idea.

3rd April 2024

10. Encrypt

Encrypt text using MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512.

4th April 2024

11. Website speed

Check the speed of a website.

5th April 2024

12. Multiplayer Drawing

Draw with your friends in real-time.

6th April 2024

13. Simple Timer

Set a timer for your tasks.

7th April 2024

14. Random Number Generator

Generate random numbers.

8th April 2024

15. Workout for each muscle

Get a workout for each muscle in your body.

9th April 2024

16. Tweetdeck for Warpcast

Tweetdeck for Warpcast

10th April 2024

17. What time is it right now in ___

Get the current time in any city.

11th April 2024

18. Text to Speech

Convert text to speech.

12th April 2024

19. Voice to Todo List

Convert your voice to a todo list.

13th April 2024

20. WarpSpaces

WarpSpaces: Twitter Spaces for Warpcast

14th April 2024

21. Pick random winner from a list

Pick a random winner from a list of names.

15th April 2024

22. WarpCanvas

WarpCanvas: Draw with your friends in real-time.

16th April 2024

23. Higher

Add "↑" on any image

17th April 2024

24. Rep Aloud

Tell reps aloud

18th April 2024

25. Infinite Canvas

Browse the internet on an infinite canvas

19th April 2024

26. Duplicate Photos

Duplicate your photos 100s or 1000s of times

20th April 2024

27. Voice to Emoji style voiceover

Convert your voice to emoji style voiceover

22nd April 2024

28. Interval Timer

Set a fixed timer and beeps at different intervals

23rd April 2024

29. NFT Music Player

Play music from NFTs

24th April 2024

30. Blend layer onto image

Blend a layer onto an image

25th April 2024

31. Bulk blend layer onto image

Bulk blend a layer onto images

26th April 2024

32. Reframe a sentence

Reframe a sentence to paint the picture you want

27th April 2024

33. Know your farcaster

Know your farcaster

28th April 2024

34. Idea to problem

Find problems that are solved with your idea

29th April 2024

35. Similar Phrases

Find similar phrases to your phrase

30th April 2024

36. Sensationalize

Sensationalize your text

1st May 2024

37. Ask youtube video

Ask questions in a youtube video

2nd May 2024

38. Valid email

Check if an email is valid

3rd May 2024

39. Poll Best Time

Poll your friends for the best time for an event

4th May 2024

40. Compress Text

Make your text precise and concise

6th May 2024

41. AI Canvas

Draw with AI, save aesthetics and style

8th May 2024

42. Grade Text

Grade your text based on readability

8th May 2024

43. Flex NFT

Flex your NFTs

9th May 2024

44. NFT Tier List

Create a tier list of NFTs

10th May 2024

45. Lovecaster

Find love on warpcast

11th May 2024

46. Read Smart Contract

Read a smart contract, regardless of whether it is verified or not

13th May 2024

47. Get ideas from subreddit

Get frequently asked questions from a subreddit

14th May 2024

48. Is there a tool for that

Find tools for your idea

17th May 2024

49. Is it gpt?

Check if a text is generated by gpt

18th May 2024

50. Word for

Find words for a given word

19th May 2024

51. Extract Images from PDF/DOCX/PPTX

Extract images from PDF/DOCX/PPTX

20th May 2024

52. Elaborate

Elaborate on your text to provide more context

21st May 2024

53. Sales Signals

Find sales signals for your idea

22nd May 2024

54. Text to Gradient

Convert text to gradient

23rd May 2024

55. Mix Words

Mix two words to create a new word

24th May 2024

56. Mix Colors

Mix two colors to create a gradient

24th May 2024

57. What does your message sound like

What does your message sound like or trigger in the mind

25th May 2024

58. Chrono Canvas

Capture frames of your canvas and create a beautiful picture

26th May 2024

59. Audience to Idea

Find ideas from your audience

27th May 2024

60. URL Parser

Parse a URL into its components

28th May 2024

61. Phrase Remixer

Remix a phrase to create a new phrase

29th May 2024

62. Text to SVG

Convert text to SVG

30th May 2024

63. Reverse Keyword Lookup

Find keywords that are related to your website

1st June 2024

64. Physics to Metaphysics

Convert physics to metaphysics

2nd June 2024

65. Greed

What stocks would be affected by current news

3rd June 2024

66. Text to SVG Pattern

Convert text to SVG background pattern

4th June 2024

67. Text to Zorbit

Convert text to zorbit

5th June 2024

68. Text to Opepen

Convert text to opepen

6th June 2024

69. Text to 8pepen

Convert text to 8pepen

7th June 2024

70. Text to 8bit art

Convert text to 8bit art

8th June 2024

71. Text to Pepe Mandorian

Convert text to pepe mandorian

9th June 2024

72. Warpcast Psychographics

Warpcast psychographics

10th June 2024

73. Chess Blindspots

Find blindspots in your chess game

11th June 2024

74. Pixelate Image

Pixelate an image

13th June 2024

75. Text to Glass Punk

Convert text to glass punk

14th June 2024

76. Text to RGB Punk

Convert text to RGB punk

15th June 2024

77. Text to Checks

Convert text to checks

15th June 2024

78. Text to Apepepen

Convert text to apepepen

16th June 2024

79. Scapes

Use scapes to create beautiful thumbnails for your videos/podcasts/articles

17th June 2024

80. Text to Scapepe

Convert text to scapepe

18th June 2024

81. Punkscapes

Merge punks and scapes

19th June 2024

82. Higher Hat

Add "↑" hat on any image

20th June 2024

83. Intl Meme Fund Hats

Add Meme Fund hats on any image

20th June 2024

84. Oviators

Add oviators on any image

21st June 2024

85. Text to Opepixel

Convert text to opepixel

22nd June 2024